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Concrete as a Sustainable Green Building Product.

As “green” building, sustainability, and LEED certification are growing in prominence, Outlaw Studios is keeping pace by utilizing natural and recycled materials in our concrete designs.

Our contribution to the environment and conservation of raw materials includes:

  • Mold materials that are composed of post-industrial waste provided by a manufacturing

  • facility with a third-party environmental certification

  • Post-consumer recycled steel reinforcing bar

  • Pre-consumer fly ash, a 100% recovered material that is a by-product of coal burning at electric utility plants

  • Color pigment additives that are made from metal or mineral oxides recycled from iron

  • Environmentally friendly concrete stains composed of water-based formulations

  • Structural lightweight aggregate that contributes to sustainable development by lowering transportation requirements and conserving energy

  • Air-cured concrete lessens energy consumption

  • Low VOC sealers and waxes that are non-toxic and effective against stains

Creating unique concrete designs for a more sustainable future is a responsibility we enjoy.

Innovation, craftsmanship, and a commitment to efficient materials are what drive us to reinvent how you think about concrete.

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